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Derrick Crowe is a writer, activist, and nonprofit professional with two decades of experience in progressive politics. Derrick ran a campaign for Congress in 2018 focused on climate justice and democratic socialism, and since then has continued to work to elect progressives and defeat fascist and neoliberal candidates and policies.

An Epitaph

“The United Nations struggles to come up with a $100 billion climate fund for innocent nations suffering climate change. It’s inconceivable that trillions of dollars per year will be found […]

Nothing Is Never Over

Things are bad right now. But I want you to know that the things they are taking from us right now are things that we had to win in the […]

After Midnight

This week’s climate news shows that the Doomsday Clock’s setting of “three minutes to midnight” is optimistic to say the least.  Nobody in power in D.C. has their eye on […]

My content, elsewhere

In addition to the YouTube channel listed in the site navigation, from 2014-2018, I created video content about climate change on YouTube at my channel, Carbon Freeze.

I was a Huffington Post contributor, mostly focusing on anti-war and anti-imperialism content, from 2011 to 2017, with multiple front-page stories. Check out my HuffPost contributor archive here. Much of this content was duplicated at FireDogLake, which is now known as Shadowproof.

From 2008-2018, I was a regular blogger at DailyKos, focusing on progressive content, often from a religious perspective (from which I have since moved on). If that interests you, take a look. During this period, I also created a substantial portion of the video content available at the Rethink Afghanistan channel.

Public Speaking